What I do is make your marketing fun again for you because I get you talking directly to your customers.

You're busy, don't have time to hunt for new business and you'd like to keep yourself in your existing customer's mind rather than a competitor.

Just like you always have a business card, the content I create and promote for you will be talking to customers in 3 months time - when they are ready to buy.

How? Making people want to hear from you because they trust and love your content and therefore, you.

So who is behind Gill Content?

My name is Sue Gill, a social media consultant with over 10 years experience in creating copy, images and managing websites. I love working with small and medium sized businesses, delivering a tailored service that's all about making them stand out. I’m based in West Lothian, Scotland.

Marketing Inspiration

So you're looking for fresh ideas for your marketing?

From strategy to campaigns and analytics, I can support your business to give you a competitive edge.

Content development

Started social media but losing the will to live? If blogs and facebook posts are boring you and taking you away from looking after your customers give me a call. And if you're doing it but seeing no return, through a consultation, audit and strategic campaign you'll be able to set goals, sales funnels and see a return on your investment.

Social media

Got an international market for your product or service, no problem - let me create a tailored advertising campaign on Facebook or Twitter for example. Together with cracking content I will create and source, we will develop a pool of potential customers and influencers to target with your offers.

What else do we do?

Maximising your investment of time

Looking to start your business or doing it as a side hustle, come speak to me for tips on getting the most from your budget and time. And check out my 9 top free tools for getting started on social media.

Keeping your website fresh and relevant and getting found

If you feel like you're wasting money on web developers because you haven't got time to learn how to edit your website or don't feel confident managing your content you're not alone. I can lend a hand updating content, editing images and creating beautiful images that will liven up your site and make sure your customers are seeing your best side. I can optimise your content for SEO too.

Pimping your profiles and strategy

If you've got time but not the knowhow use my experience and knowledge. I can do a personalised consultation and strategy plus a profile boost so you're selling yourself immediately. And create a detailed plan together with tutorials to help grow your skills so you can feel in control of your social media.

Want to work together? Get in touch