Content Creation

I will help you start thinking about what content you're offering clients who aren't ready to buy just yet.

Valuable content to help them feel happier and smarter by dealing with problems they already have. So, say you're a garage. Cars are pretty reliable - but you want existing and new customers to make sure they come to you for their MOT and servicing when the time comes. Here's where I come in. You could write a dry blog about fuel efficiency as that might be one of your customer's concerns between services. I would analyse your brand values and together we would develop some engaging content your customers would be drawn to, in a format that they want to consume - a podcast for listening to as they drive?

Planning your content means committing time and resources to producing the content. So we'd look at what was realistic given your goals and devise a schedule to reliably create the right kind of content.

Advantages to your business

  • Increase your reach by growing your social media fans and email list
  • Keep actively engaging with your clients because you've designed a journey for them
  • Find out details about clients that can help shape your marketing message
  • Embedding your brand within your content means they learn about you without knowing it
  • Clients and non clients will share your content, increasing the reach of your marketing
  • Content will be reusable so it will keep delivering customers to you